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Wholesale Graphic Design Services

Viralprint specializes in offering wholesale Graphic Design services to members needing help to create full color designs that include the use of any images, logos, pictures, colors and design. Our designers are talented experts with a creative eye to making your design to “Pop.” Our goal is to help you enhance your marketing image and stand out from your competition so you can grab more attention and create more sales! We have been designing 1000’s and 1000’s of products for clients with our sister company since 2007.

VPDesigners, LLC offers a unique twist on the services provided as compared to most of our competitors. First, Doug wanted to simplify the entire process for his clients and offer the best price for the services rendered. First our prices are wholesale level. The next unique feature is that each of our products has a SET design fee unlike most who charge by the hour, this way members know up front the cost, Second, and the most popular feature is all our design work includes UNLIMITED adjustments to proof approval! Most competitors charge extra after 3 or 4 adjustments. Doug took the risk offering this feature to find out we hit the industries average of 3 to 4 adjustments per order! With this method, our members are not nickel and dimmed at every angle. Provide outstanding designs at wholesale pricing and keep the entire process and cost simple is the way Doug wanted and that is what we have provided for over 5 years now!

Viralprint will be using the services of Doug’s Graphic Design Company, VPDesigners, LLC. Doug first outsourced his design work needed for the products in 2005. In 2007, Doug brought on his son, Ryan, as the companies first graphic designer, then at a young age of 15, Ryan, a self taught designer of Photoshop and Illustrator, did all the designs and at the same time taught his dad (Doug) how to use Photoshop and Illustrator. Then in 2008 Doug added his next designer, Janice. Soon thereafter, Susan joined the team. Now we look to expand with more need for graphic designers as we approach beta launch and beyond!

Because of our unique design features and prices, we make it affordable for members to let our designers get creative and make a design that will catch the eye of your potential clients…that is our goal, to help you gain more business with our creative designers and with the best quality products available in the industry.

For those interested in being an independent Graphic Designer with Viralprint, go to our website www.Viralprint.com and on the left side, click on “Job Openings” and fill out the application. We seek individuals who like the freedom of being an independent designer working from their home where Viralprint will provide a steady flow of projects without you having to farm for orders yourself. Viralprint takes care of all the order processing, management and collection of funds saving our designers the headache of finding and managing accounts themselves! This way our designers have 100% of their time dedicated to doing what they love…designing! Our designers are independent contractors and should show talent and experience using the most popular design software to create artwork to meet the needs of our members. Our designers should have their own computer, Internet access, email account and the experienced use of Illustrator, Photoshop and/or Indesign software. Publisher and other proprietary software may not qualify for use as a designer with Viralprint. A resume and samples of work or portfolio will be required if contacted. We will be developing the need for designers to also work in our Corporate office in Warner Robins GA as we grow.